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We raise all of our poultry without ANY use of antibiotics, hormones, steroids, or animal byproducts, EVER.

Welcome to DuChick Ranch

We are a family operation based on our microfarm in Cissna Park, IL. We raise all of our poultry without ANY use of antibiotics, hormones, steroids, or animal byproducts, EVER.

Our poultry are provided a nutrient dense, vegetarian diet that we source from a feed mill less than half a mile away. They are raised in our barn on bedding that we redress daily to keep them clean and healthy. Fresh clean water is always available to them as well.

On top of this, we allow our laying birds and turkeys to range on our pasture paddocks during the day. Here they can graze the forage, eat bugs, scratch the dirt, rest, play, etc. You know, chicken things! At night we secure them in the barn to protect them from nocturnal predators. We believe all of these practices lead to healthy, happy animals which leads to the best tasting meat and eggs.

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We would love the opportunity to be your source for high quality local chicken, turkey, eggs, and produce! We offer pickup and delivery of our products. We can also be found at farmers markets during the summer months.

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What Others Are Saying

“Duchick ranch is great! They’re an amazing hardworking family and their products show this as well! We love getting our chicken from Duchick ranch and can’t wait to see their business grow and succeed!”

Jacqueline Bingham

“Amazing chicken and fantastic customer service! Highly recommend!!”

Cole Hasselbring

“The chicken wings are amazing. So big and meaty. 3 will fill you up”

Sherri Sorenson

“best chicken and eggs around love that they don’t inject their chicken with junk”

Denise Madden

“We absolutely love the chicken we get from DuChick Ranch!! We can’t wait to get more! They’re the best!”

Jacqueline Hasselbring

“We almost exclusively get chicken and eggs from DuChick Ranch. The chicken is second to none and the eggs have a very rich in flavor. Once you buy DuChick chicken or eggs you won’t use anything else.”

Christopher Swing

“We would highly recommend the Chicken from the DuChick Ranch, LLC. My husband grilled it tonight and it was AMAZING! The taste and the flavor just with a little salt and pepper. Perfect! Tasted like chicken from when I was a kids! Thank you”

Tina Davis Lange

“DuChick Ranch is a wonderful, local, family owned poultry meat supplier. It feels good knowing where our family’s food comes from and also knowing the quality of life provided while being raised. You can taste the difference while also having peace of mind.”

Jessica Alford

“Great tasting farm fresh chickens! Great family that really strives to raise a quality product! Highly recommend!”

Dane Hasselbring


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